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Why Massage?

      We live in a busy fast paced world, and more and more people have busy lives to match. Our bodies deserve more credit than we give them. Whether you weight train or run, carry an infant around or do errands with a small child in town, sit at a desk for hours with improper posture, or tense your body during emotional stress, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments which hold the skeleton, and thus your body, undergo a great deal everyday. Overtime, wear and tear accumulates and may damage the tissues of overused muscles resulting in discomfort and pain that make enjoying life to the fullest difficult. 

       Many people fail to notice how their actual body feels until the onset of pain in a specific area. Pain acts as a signal from the overworked muscles that something is wrong and needs to change. If the message is ignored, the pain may increase over time and result in tissue damage, pain, inflammation, and eventually more serious problems such as headaches, frozen shoulder, chronic low back pain and the loss of range of motion in joints. Here is a list of benefits of massage therapy.  


Benefits of Massage:

Improves Posture

Improves Circulation

Increases Range of Motion

Reduces Anxiety

Relieves Stress

Relieves Pain

Reduces Blood Pressure

Improves Mental Focus

and Much more!



       Listen to your body. You only get one so treat it with respect. It does so much for you, do something to pamper it. Book a massage to cherish your body or just relax. 

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