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I have been a client of Marcy's for more than 11 years and can truly say she is the best massage therapist I have found in the area.  Having practiced physical therapy myself for 20 years, I have taken full advantage of her services to keep me working. Having suffered through several car accidents myself my injuries almost prevented me from returning to work. Thank goodness Marcy has taken great care of my neck allowing me to resume my full workouts and a full work schedule. I send all my patients when they have completed their physical therapy and would like to continue with massage therapy. Five star treatment!!!! 

- Kathy Glyder

When I moved back to Florida, I was looking for a massage therapist. A trusted friend recommended Marcy to me, and I have been coming week after week ever since. My sessions have significantly helped to ease my stress, carpal tunnel, and neck pain. I recommend her to everyone, including my friends and family.

- M. Stouffer, a client over five years


Several years ago, after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I researched possible treatments that would enable me to continue to lead my exceptionally active life.  The constant all over pain, fatigue, and associated sleeplessness interfered with my daily activities. I dismissed the suggested pain and sleep prescriptions, knowing that they would keep me from my super charged endeavors. My miracle was found in Marcy's deep tissue massages, which have continued twice a month since that time. I am now able to work out daily, sleep wonderfully every night, and return to my 40 year teaching career after a short, recent retirement. At 63 years old, I have incredible energy, maintain a healthy, happy, life, and consider my condition to be nothing more than a small nuisance. My Marcy Miracle is at the top of my I can't wait until I go appointment list every time. I'm sure my friends, family, staff and all others in my life are happy for the smile she keeps on my face. 

- Linda Lee Kaminiski


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