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Deep Tissue Massage

     Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage using firm, precise, medium to deep pressure to address tension problems in the deeper muscle layers. Excellent for headaches, neck, shoulder or lower back pain or for those who simply enjoy a firmer massage.

     When muscles undergo prolonged tension from improper posture, staying in one postition for too long, or performing repetitive tasks, the fibers that comprise the muscle require more blood and oxygen in order to maintain the elasticity necessary for pain free movement. If the body cannot maintain an adequate amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the distressed muscle cells, the toxins in that area build up. The lack of circulation fails to push the toxins out of the tightly wound muscle fibers. The result is undernourished muscles that tighten, harden, and bunch up creating pain and the characteristic adhesion, commonly refered to as a "knot." These tightly wound muscles often compress the nerves nearest to it causing the radiating pain common in many types of ailments; for example neck pain that creates migraines and sciatic nerve pain that causes pain in the lower back. Adhesions, the places where the muscle fibers are tightly wound up, also cause a decrease in mobility hindering proper range of motion.


         Clients who request deep tissue massage may be experiencing pain in certain areas prior to treatment. In order to ease the body into the harder pressure needed to gain access to the deepest muscle layers, this type of massage begins with long gentle strokes characteristic of a Swedish massage. This promotes circulation and warms up the mucsles so that the tension begins to loosen and tight knots start to unwind.  The body is gently coaxed into receiving the increasing pressure needed to access the muscles closest to the bones  unwinds the fibers of a muscle that makes up the “knot” while releasing tension. It is corrective, therapeutic, and often the immediate results last longer due to the deeper nature of this massage.

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